PlantShack started out of a passion and desire by UK Brighton couple Sarah & Lee to spread the word about the power of plant-based living after experiencing it first hand for themselves.

“We fell in love with Altea on a weekend break in Summer 2018 but found there was nowhere for a healthy breakfast or vegan lunch..”

Back then Lee was a London-trained barista, crazy about coffee and running a busy commuter café. Since adopting a plant-based diet in 2016 he had seen huge improvements in his running, swimming and triathlon times. Sarah had already left the corporate world of travel to retrain in plant-based nutrition and juice therapy, after being blown away by the transformation it gave to her arthritis and inflammation.

“We are now both so passionate about the power of plants, and living proof of the benefits that being plant-based brings!"

"Our dream was to create a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of regular diet or ethics, just to have access to good natural plant food & juice - and make it easy to try out the plant-based lifestyle for themselves."

"Six months after our first trip to Altea, we had sold everything we owned, packed our bags, loaded up the campervan and arrived in Spain with our dog Barney, determined to make our dream happen...!”

And so PlantShack was born…  



We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on our planet and at the same time help animals and the community.

Our takeaway packaging is made from PLANTS! It is 100% compostable so it must go in the regular bin, not the recycling bin. Our juice and shot bottles are made from glass or recycled plastic.

Our juice pulp goes to feed rescued animals at a local farm and our end of day food waste goes to a local homeless charity. Every month we help organise a beach clean in our hometown Altea. Anyone can sign up and come back to PlantShack afterwards for a FREE JUICE!



At PlantShack we are big believers in the power of nature - whether that´s what we eat or immersing ourselves in the big outdoors - hiking, swimming or just being amongst it.

Back in 2019 we set up a local open-water swim club in Altea, inviting people back to PlantShack to warm up afterwards.Today it has grown to be part of the community and life-long friends have been made along the way.

Now, wherever there is a PlantShack, there is an open-water swim club!


8:30am in Altea or Calpe.

Everyone Welcome!