"After just 5 days my blood results show i am no longer pre-diabetic. I am back running and feel incredible!"


"The 7 day cleanse has been enlightening. My knee pain that i have had for years has vanished and my breathing is better. Thank you PlantShack!"


"I am addicted to cleansing now. The juices are delicious and i didnt feel hungry and have so much energy!"


"I keep getting compliments on my skin and eyes after my  cleanse. After just 3 days. You really are what you eat! "



During a cleanse you basically stop all the bad stuff coming into your body and replace it with only the good stuff. Once the body doesn’t have to deal with digesting the daily onslaught of toxins coming into the body, it will begin to release the toxins stored in our tissues. In addition, by consuming only 100% pure natural living nutrition during this time we are helping our bodies speed up this natural process and work more efficiently. 

- Pre Cleanse Guidance

Cleansing Information Pack

4 Cold Pressed Juices and 1 Superfood Smoothie a day (500ml)

1 Detox Shot a day

Daily Nutritional Menu Sheet

Ongoing Support by Phone and in Person

Free Breakfast Juice on your Post Cleanse Morning

Post Cleanse Guidance

Juicing has so many powerful benefits for the body. Individual fruits & veggies have particular properties that are best for certain conditions, but the power of plant nutrition is that it works in synergy the way nature intended to bring your body back into balance – soall manner of conditions are targeted as a whole in one go!

Benefits can include:

Mental ClarityEnergy BoostGlowing SkinReset your body to promote healthy eating habits Detox and re-hydrate your body Faster healing from cuts and woundsRegulate blood sugar Improve digestion and banish bloatingPrevent heart diseaseReduces chronic inflammation Boost liver functionHelps Type 2 diabetesWeight loss  (this is a happy side effect and not the primary benefit) 

Your body naturally knows how to heal if it is given the chance – for example your body will heal a cut itself without intervention. In order for your body to get into proper ‘healing mode’ it must have a rest from digestion, as digesting food takes up the most energy of any bodily function.  This is why induced comas exist - so that our bodies can rest to focus solely on healing. Juices are ‘pre-digested’ as all the fibre is taken out and there are no ‘nasties’ left over for the body to digest and process. Just pure liquid nutrition for your body to absorb immediately 

Yes. We recommended cutting out all processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, meat & dairy for a day or two leading up to your cleanse. This will maximise the benefits and minimize detox symptoms (as your body is not having to work through digesting all your food when it could be focussing on healing). We send you a pre-cleanse guide for you to follow when you book. We also offer a pre-cleanse meal pack which you can order at PlantShack.